Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby D-Newborn Session

This little cutie is the newest addition to some very dear friends of ours. There is nothing like the look, smell, touch or sounds of a newborn....absolutely precious! Baby D was wide awake for most of our session (he knew I was there!), but finally drifted off so we could capture some really sweet sleepy shots. Mr. L, big brother, has been anticipating his brother's arrival and you can tell he just loves him to pieces! M family, we are so happy for you and I'm so glad I was able to document this special time in your lives!

We had stopped to take a little break and all of the sudden he started lifting his head up...he wasn't even 2 weeks old yet! Amazing! I grabbed my camera as fast as I could...resulting in a cute but blurry picture. LOVE the little bird mouth!


  1. Karibelle-I love these! That basket one is soooo sweet!!

  2. I love how he has his little arm hanging out...just chillin'. Sweet sweet little baby!